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Welcome to my website

What can you find here?

In my professional life I have done - and learned - a lot of different things. My path had some surprising changes. I started as an engineer, studied psychology, and eventually turned to business administration. Recently I am studying subjects such as glaciotectonism (land ice movements in ice ages), and how to rewild depopulating areas.

In this website I will make a lot of my work and learnings available to whoever will find it interesting or helpful.

Under the tab "My work" you wil find three different things:

1. My learnings

Under this heading you can find most of my publications. They have all been listed and will soon be described in a few sentences. Some of them are in English, others in Dutch. You will find a copy in pdf if I have the copyright myself. If I don't have the copyright, you will find a link to the source, if available. On some topics I have recorded short lectures. 

2. Red Queen economics

Under this heading you will find a short introduction into my latest views on business administration, based on my ecperience, mainly in IT. I have built a special websit on this topic too (redqueeneconomics.com).

3. Nature interests

Since 2013, I have become more and more engaged in the development of nature and rewilding areas. Do not expect me to watch birds all day, but to use my knowledge and experience to help rewilding projects getting off the ground. This is quite complicated, and therfore interesting.

I hope you will find some interesting needles in this haystack.


The imperfections of information in communication and transactions

We often say that IT bridges time and distance, and it does! We communicate more often and with more people than ever in human history. IT makes the production and transfer of information much faster, but to profit from this, we need to act much quicker than ever before. In time, our biggest problem will be to efficiently organize our information. I foresee the rise of a new generation of communication systems that will better support us in structuring and standardizing our communication and transactions.

In the 17th century, The Netherlands had colonies in "the east" (now India and Indonesia) and in "the west" (now New York). Communication with the capital was simple: they could either send a letter or a reporter. By boat. Often, it took more than six months for the answer to arrive. To…

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